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Selecting Tracy Webber Photography was a giant step toward getting your listing sold more quickly. I generally take about an hour to photograph a property, and want to use this time to get the best pictures and not to stage and declutter the home. I don’t mind helping move some things around if needed to get the best shots, but if I can spend my time taking great pictures, you will get better results.

Helpful Staging Hints Outdoors

  • No cars in driveway or in the street in front of the house! If you think a neighbor will park in the front, park your own car there, so you can move it when I arrive. Of course, you must be home to move the car.
  • Cut and edge the grass, trim trees and bushes, rake leaves, sweep patios and porches.
  • Remove toys and dog food bowls.
  • Put trash bins and basketball nets away. The garage interior is not generally photographed, so use the garage for storage.
  • Remove or roll up garden hoses and put away tools. Clear front porch of newspapers.
  • Water features – have spas, fountains and waterfalls repaired and running.

Helpful Staging Hints Indoors

  • Remove all items off refrigerator doors and clear the top too.
  • Turn on all the lights, make sure all light bulbs are in working order, especially chandeliers.
  • Turn OFF all ceiling fans.
  • Turn ON gas fireplaces, if possible.
  • Reduce clutter, but don’t strip counters and walls bare – I need something to focus on.
  • If you have white tile kitchens or bathrooms, put some colorful items in view, simple plants/bowls on the counters, clean colorful towels on the racks- avoid white blank spaces.
  • Clear the floor: pick up toys, pillows, boxes, hide cords if you can.
  • Remove family portraits / personal items.
  • Leave a few decorator items: Table center pieces (bowls of fruit look great!), candles, ceramics, silk or fresh flowers, healthy potted plants. Tall plants/trees in room corners.
  • Try setting the table with place settings, colorful plates, wine glasses – make it look like you’re giving a dinner party!
  • Restrain all pets, please put them in a room or the garage during photo shoot, it makes for slow going if pets are running in and out of camera view.
  • Avoid hanging cords, put away hair dryers, curling irons etc.
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Don’t hang towels over shower doors, put them on the rack.
  • Please, lower toilet seat covers.

For the best photography results, remove these

  • Kleenex boxes, remote controls.
  • Plastic soap dispensers (ceramic or metal ok).
  • Shampoo, soap, toothbrushes
  • Floor and table top fans.
  • Water bottles.
  • Clothes on hooks on backs of doors.
  • Scattered papers on desktops and counters.
  • Dead plants.

Printable Link of these staging tips to provide to your client in Adobe PDF format: